30 June 2009

Snail mail works

Already on the first day of camp mail started coming, and also today we found letters and a parcel for some of our participants.

On the picture you see the camp director collecting today's mail!


  1. Hi everyone!
    I like the blog very much, and will check into it every day. I hope you are all fine, and that you'll enjoy your stay in Voss.
    Hugs from Ingvilds (JC) mom.

  2. What a nice mailbox you trolls have! Is it from the Troll family at Voss? I will be sending more snail mail now that it gets delivered straight to the village.

    Hope all is well at Bømoen!

    CISV Norway

  3. Henrique said...
    My brother (Raphael - Brazil), is a big fan of extreme sports (le parkour), and I know that he will enjoy very much to go to the festival, if you have a chance do it.
    I made the same trip 12 years ago with CISV although I went to Os, and it was Fantastic! I hope everyone have a nice time.

  4. Hi, I am Pedro's mother(Brazil).
    I am very happy about the possibility to receive news.
    I hope you all have a great time.

  5. Hi, I am Isabel's mother (Brazil). Congratulations, I like the blog very much too.
    I'm excited to receive news and photos.
    Thank you.

  6. Hello everybody - don't know if my last post is going out....I am the mother from yorick (germany) and enjoy this wonderful insight of your camp. thanks for that.
    We wish you a wonderful time and looking forward for more insights from your activities
    Hope you have a great time
    Ute (and Rick (father)