02 July 2009

Monday June 29th: Welcome Day

Delegation of the day: Argentina

Today is Monday 29th of June, Johanna ’s birthday and the first day of our camp!
Argentina was the “delegation of the day” so we were in charge of waking up everybody. We decided to put some latin music.
Then, we had flag time and after that, breakfast. At 10.00 we started activity 1: we had three groups and we went to three different stations; we did face painting, plate mates and name tags, and we played some games such as mini mina banana and ameba.
After these fun activities, we had lunch at 12.30. We ate sausages and noodles. The food was so good! When we finished our meal, we had siesta time and later, JC shop opened for the first time!!
During activity 2, we did some energisers such as “el pollo”. We also did the stereotypes game were each country draw what we knew about each other and then present the facts about our countries.
During snack time, we had a big cake because of Johanna’s birthday. She blew the candles and we sang the happy birthday song in all the languages. Later, the kids had shower time and after that, delegation time.
At 7.00 we had dinner. We ate delicious fish, potatoes, rice and cucumbers. Finally, in activity 3, we had the exciting “trolls shows” were each delegation presented its own troll and a story about them. They look really nice!
After flag time, we had lullabies. We got together and sang some songs. After a very fun day, everybody went to sleep.

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