24 July 2009

Wednesday July 22nd: Packing Day

Delegation of the Day: Germany

Today was our last day at camp. The main activities were packing and cleaning.

The first thing we couldn’t find were our shoes. Someone made a prank on everybody and hide the shoes in a tree.

We started our day with a very good and long breakfast with eggs and oat porridge. Activity 1 was packing and a game. Even though it seemed to be more or less chaos somehow we managed to pack our stuff in the suitcases and even closed the suitcases. The game we played right before lunch was called Stratego. We had to catch people and compare their status and try to find the flag among the players. The boys won.

After sandwiches for lunch we spent our free time packing all the rest. Activity 2 was cleaning after packing and planting a tree like it is described in the CISV-song. We also made some wishnotes for the future and put them at the roots of the tree. It was a nice and quiet moment and we also sang the CISV-song.

Boys also offered free hugs in the courtyard.

After delegation time we had a great dinner: pizza and a fairy tale soda. The JCs made a show by showing all the stuff from the lost-and-found-box[es]. Yes, there were like 5 boxes. Still we have a lot of socks left. Feel free to take them – but wash them before using.

In Activity 3 we gathered in the JC-shop for a goodbye-night. Everyone lighted a candle and shared his/her experiences and feelings with the others about the time in the camp.

Afterwards we got memory books and we all signed them for the others. Those who were not occupied with the big stream of memory books wrote small message-papers to others in the circle.

Then many of us went to bed in the Lullabies room and had a big sleepover.

23 July 2009

Tuesday July 22nd: Peace

Delegation of the day: Argentina

We woke up everybody and had flag time. After Breakfast we had cleaning groups.
Today’s topic was peace, so during activity 1 we had to go to the JC shop where there were candles, music and a peaceful atmosphere.

We had a round of massages and after that, we played to peace war peace. We had to draw what we understand about peace and then pass our drawing to the person in our right.
Then, that person had to destroy it and pass it to the person sitting next to them and try to make peace again.
After this activity we had free time. During lunch time we had soup.
Today the JC shop opened their doors for the last day. We could buy some t-shirts from cisv

During activity 2, we reflected about the first activity and about rebuilding peace.
We also made energisers and watched some videos such as free hugs and the sunscreen speech.

During snack time we had different kind of cakes and juice. Then, we had girls shower time and after, boys shower time while the leaders had leaders meeting.

In the evening we had the talent show!! Lots of us performed and we could appreciate different talents during the night. We really enjoyed this activity.

Then we had flag time, lullabies and we went to sleep.

Monday July 20th: JC Day

Delegation of the day: Italy
National Evening: Sweden

A new day is beginning in the Trolls & Tales Village!
At 8 o’clock the Italian delegation woke up the whole village: since the music player is broken, instead of music they made a weird concert using spoons & pan’s covers!
Today is Swedish day & JC day!!
After flag time, breakfast , and the kids’ beloved cleaning groups, we begun with the first activity in the dining hall! A great game planned by the jc: guys vs girls were each team had to work together.
After this game, at 11 o’clock, the Swedish delegation invited us to their national day in the jc shop! We played a Swedish game and we listened some music: everybody was amazed when we realize that the beautiful voice who was singing, was actually Oda’s voice, one of the Swedish delegates with a great singing skill that nobody’s before knew
After that, Swedish lunch in the dining hall with sausages. Potatoes and salads.
In the afternoon, after siesta time, activity nr2: jcs organized a great game to make us reflect about drugs were children were acting as drug addicted, leaders as policeman and jcs as drug retailer. It was a lot of fun for everybody and after the game, split in delegations first and all together after, we did a very good debriefing to explain the problems and the danger connected to drugs and to their abuse.
After showers, great gala dinner for everybody: the dinning hall had got transformed as a fancy restaurants with candlelights and soft music. Everybody was wearing fancy clothes, children were sitting at the tables as special guest and leaders and JCs were acting as waiters!! It was an amazing atmosphere and for dinner we had a great (as Soren would say) Barbecue!!
After dinner the kids continued their gala night in the JC’s shop for a dance meanwhile leader and JCs transformed the dining hall in a casino!
The casino night begun!!
In our CISV casino the kids could play poker, black jack, roulette, wrestling arms (challenging Soren and Massimo), query a famous fortune teller (Mohammed), send messages through a Cupido’s service (Siri) and even “getting married” in a special chapel (directedi by Alfo) or get best friend certificates! Nevertheless, our super casino had also a dancing area.
It was a very long night and the kids spent a great time until eleven o’clock!!
It was late that night, so everybody straight in bed without lullabies J J .
An other day is gone in our village!
What will happen tomorrow??

21 July 2009

Sunday July 19th: Identity

Delegation of the Day: Finland
National Night: The JCs

Today we had a ”sleep in”. We got to sleep one more hour. Today’s theme was identity.

First activity was about culture and idenity. We had a conversations with pairs and we needed to talk about home, daily schedule, birthday celebrations, food. We learned a lot of our cultures and got new information about different countries. Also we get to know each other even much more. All the habits are part of our identity and after the discussions we talked about differences and new notifications we made.

The weather hasn’t been so good anymore than it was three first weeks. It had been raining a lot but temperature is still comfortable.

After lunch we had a activity called sinking ship. We divided in five groups and all the kids got a personality for example 16 year old girl, doctor, football player, alcoholic etc. Then we imagined a situation that we all are in a sinking ship and we had to decide who can survive in the end. We had interesting conversations about equality and professions and also we talked about age and how it affected on children decision who is going to stay longer in a ship. After the decisions we had an new task. We added a twist in the game. Now that 16 years old girl was pregnant, doctor was a thief, football player was Zinedine Zidane, and alcoholic was working in the Red Cross. Now it was harder to decide who will stay in the end. Most of the groups decided in the end that that 16 year old pregnant girl will survive, because then they can save more than only one person!

In the evening we had JC’s (junior counsellors) national night. JC’s come from 5 different countries; Norway, Italy, Belgium, Costa Rica and the USA. They had organized a lot of funny and hilarious games. They asked for volunteers and children had to eat candy which as attached to a string as fast as they could. Also we had a nice blinking game, that boys winked to girls and then girls needed to change place if they were winked at. In the end we got a lot of candies all over the world, and of course brand new scrap books. J We had great time and a lot of fun!

Every night we sing lullabies and the most favourite song is Leaving On A Jeplane. All the kids sing happily and excited together. Last thing we sing every night is “It’s time to say goodnight. The stars are shining bright. Tomorrow we’ll meet our friends again and we say good night to them. There goes the friends from Italy, Germany, Brazil…we’ll allways say Buena notte, Gute nacht, Boe Noate to them and tomorrow we’ll meet again….

Saturday July 18th: Shopping Day

Delegation of the Day: France

We woke up everybody at 7:45 with Hugo playing the guitar in every room.

We went out of the camp at 9:00 to the “Hordamuseet” (Hordaland folkloric museum.) On the way there was a lot of singing (in the microphone) in the bus and the trip was very hard because the road goes up and down all the time.

When we were in museum we baked Viking bread (which we ate with jam), threw spears, spinned wool and shot with bow and arrow. It was very funny to shot bow and arrow but it was very hard to pull and aim at the same time. We learned a lot about the way the Vikings lived so many times ago.

It started raining raining and we went inside to eat lunch (sandwiches).

Then we drove to Bergen, to the city center and met our lovely camp director who recomanded us to visit the fish market near the harbour. We split of in delegations and everybody went shopping. Our delegation bought souvenirs, clothes and a little snack with ice cream. The city of Bergen is a little city but there was a lot of shop and a lot of people shopping because it was Saturday. In the harbour we could see the sea and a lot of big ships coming in and out. It was a lovely place with very cute houses painted in many different colors.

It was very funny when we met some kids from the CISV village of Bergen, we recognized them because they had CISV t-shirts!

Then we meet again to take the bus home. There was again a lot of singing in the car and some other people just tried to sleep.

The evening we had a greeaaat PARTY. There was some pop corn and juice for everybody. At the very beginning of the party some people went to try sauna and they really liked it.

Everybody danced a lot and when the last song came, it was very difficult to leave and go to sleep.

20 July 2009

Friday July 17th: Handicap Day

Delegation of the Day: Egypt
National Night: Italy

The morning began a bouga song to wake up the camp, after flag time we had breakfast with the special treat of eggs. Sunny side up, fried, omelettes with cheese, and everything was delicious. But it was a challenge to enjoy them because this was the disability day. We attempted to eat holding the little finger of the person next to us. It was difficult but a lot of fun. After breakfast, was cleaning groups and then the first activity. Everyone received a disability card; from conjoined twins and paraplegics to diabetes and people missing fingers. After a few minutes with the more challenging disabilities, emotions quickly ran high. Then was crying and complaining all around as the kids realized that disabilities are not fun. Lunch was fish soup with Italian bread, eating among furtive glances as kids cheated with their disabilities, quickly sneaking themselves a hand to spread some butter. The bread was actually delicious. In activity two we played a game called step forward which they asked questions if the answer was yes, you take a step forward. If the answer is no, you stay where you are. The questions were about life with disabilities. For example, did you enjoy going to the movies? The blind people would say no. can you live alone? It was hard for the kids but they got the message that we are al humans and always help the people in need. Dinner was amazing for all the camp because we ate pastaaaaa. There were three kinds of pasta, pesto, tomato, and white; the three colours of the Italian flag. Everyone was jumping up and down and the whole camp enjoyed the food. Following the dinner it was activity three and since it was the Italian national day, the Italians performed a tale. The tale was Pinocchio. Then we had flag time, lullabies and then we all went to bed.

Thursday July 16th: Conflict Resolution Day

Delegation of the Day: Brazil
National Night: Finland and Germany

July, 16th was Brazil again the delegation of the day. And now we will tell a little bit what we did this day and how that was good.

On the activity one we did some discussions, in 6 bases and in each one they had a theatre about some conflict and we discussed about how to solve and what we think about the problems, the conflicts was about: Bulling, relationship \ friendship, drugs, steeling, exclusions and prejudice.

For activity two we had the same team “Conflict and resolutions”, then we passed for five stations and the walk on a rope between two trees, another one we get blind looking for a way and walk between a lot of trees holding a rope too and someone was helping another person telling be careful, or right \ left, another with holes like a spider web and we have to pass in without touch and in different holes, played a game with the sheep, wolfs and lettuce and we had to put all then inside the house, BUT the wolfs eat the sheep and sheep eats the lettuce. The last one we turned one map with 4 people on the map. Everything was really cool and funny.

In the Snack time we ate chocolate cake and the Germany delegation did for us jelly it was really good.

We had the Germany and Finland National Night, that is the part that we like most, is the best in the village. Today the Finland did a competition game with some questions, and had prices but the Italian and Norway delegation who won, they also showed us a dance and tolled a history about a troll, gave some candies for us and the Germany did a theatre about a fairy tale and Johanne played a flute, was really beautiful, then they gave us chocolate and candies. The scrap book was amazing. They also showed us a really good slide show with songs, everybody danced with them.

19 July 2009

Wednesday July 15th: Open Day

Delegation of the day: Greenland

Today is a day everyone has looking forward to - its Open day, where host families and interested people get chance to visit the camp. Right after breakfast the preparations get started. Children write a little presentation of themselves on a small piece of paper, where they write their name, nationality and about their hobbies and everyone hang them on their bed. There is also time to make greeting card to other villages around the world, and signing cards. Some of the children who have finished early they are making bracelet.

Preparations continue in the afternoon where everyone meets at the courtyard with their national costumes, t-shirts, and costumes, and then trolls and tales village choir practise 3 songs. Before we open the doors there are been taken camp photo and delegation photos.

The open day starts with welcome speech by our camp director Inger Berit, and she give flowers to village committee. After the speech the trolls and tales choir sing to songs, CISV song and Bomfiara.

When it started to rain the show moved to JC shop. The show continued with all delegates one by one give a show for visitors. There were dance, songs and some of them sing they national anthem. After the shows everyone come to dinning hall, where all delegate has their stands. The stands are decorated with posters, flags, and there are brochures and some of them have sweets and snacks from their country, and people get change to look around.

There is pizza to dinner and the day ends with lullaby as usual.

Tuesday July 14th: Borders

Delegation of the Day: The Junior Councelors
National Night: France

Tuesday was finally the Jc’s turn to be delegation of the day!! We woke up really early in order to be wide awake and full of energy when we woke up the kids. After setting up the dinning hall we gathered next to the girl’s dormitory and woke everyone up to a loud energetic tune that got everyone out of bed in no time. Flag time began and so did the rain, so we raised the flag under a typical Norwegian weather. Breakfast went smoothly and we later gathered up in the courtyard to get the instructions for the next activity.
The activity was called ‘Borders’ and the kids where divided into four different countries: Flag poland, Volleystan, Monnaiessia and Gresset. The dynamics of the game consisted of each country searching for equilibrium of resources amongst their citizens. They needed enough food, money, health services, oil and jobs for all of them as the activity would elaborate throughout the day. They where each assigned Ambassadors, types of government, border control and social classes so each member had a role in their community. While some democracies became dictatorships and anarchies became democracies the kids discussed what was best either for themselves or for their countries. The activity continued through out lunch which meant that they would sit by countries and get to eat according to their performance in the game.
The second activity was a continuation of ‘Borders’ where they were all given the challenge of a World War (Capture the Flag) and had to survive according to their health cards. Even though the morning was cold and rainy, we all had to take our rain jackets out and ‘run to survive’ under a hot sunny afternoon. The game ended after one of the countries managed to capture the other country’s flag and we gathered up in delegations for a debrief about what had happened and what each person felt as the game developed. Some of the questions consisted of the children expressing what they thought was the best aspect of how they developed as a group or as individuals.
The war was over and we all became ‘one nation’ again. Snack was ready and after sweet bread and a fruit we prepared for a needed shower. Delegation time continued and we were informed about the dynamics of the next day would be since it would consist of a different schedule as we would welcome Voss into our village in our Open Day.
For dinner we had meat balls with gravy, vegetables and potatoes, that as we where told, is a typical Norwegian meal. We also had Rabarbra with vanilla sauce which is a dessert made from the roots of a plant and boiled into a delicious sweet meal.
The food was continued by the French National Night! We all gathered in the JC house to enjoy the performance of the French delegation narrate some of their fairy tale characters such as Cinderella and The Little Red Riding Hood. This creative and funny performance was continued by candies and caramel which we all enjoyed as well as their booklets and a game of ‘Bang’ which was a perfect wrap up to a day full of fun and exciting activities!
Another circled was created around the flag pole and we all got together for flag time. For lullabies we all gathered and enjoyed singing together as another great day at camp came to an end! Hipotatapus from JC Land!!

14 July 2009

Monday July 13th: Excursion Day

Delegation of the Day: USA
National Night: Greenland and Thailand

This morning, an electric sun pierced through the low lying clouds and fog crawling over the mountain tops, leaving a trail of light that warmed the cool, crisp air. Dark splotches with traces of water spattered the courtyard – remaining remnants of yesterday’s downpours. The birds practiced their songs – an orchestra in tuning, warming up for a sonata, waiting for a conductor – the magpie’s harsh, abrasive cries raising above the rest. The hum of vehicles along the highway and the stark order of the now quiet military base housing the Village are reminders that humans interact with this incredibly peaceful environment. Piles of shoes wait, crowded around open doors, waiting to provide comfort for the children as they venture out into the morning air.

The Delegation of the Day, USA, woke the girls with classic rock (“American Pie”) and the boys with rap (“Soldier Boy”). By 8:05 children started spilling into the courtyard; perching their bodies - enveloped in sleep - on the concrete steps, heads drooping, eyes slowly focusing on the reality of morning. It is the beginning of a new day of Village.

In the voice of two of the children, here’s what we did:

After Flag Time, we went to breakfast and had bread and cereal. After that, children ran to find what cleaning group they had been moved to. To most of the children’s surprise, they were to continue in the same groups. A few children were put together to form a new group. Then we had to get on the bus [to the waterfront park in Voss] to play volleyball, futbol, or to swim. We had lunch [at the Park Hotel] - a big sandwich. It was good. Siri (a member of the staff) showed us this really wobbly bridge. It was really awesome. We could choose to play futbol, volleyball, or to swim. The weather was really cold, but many of us still swam. It was so cold, but it was a lot of fun. We walked back to the park where we had cinnamon buns and bananas for a snack.

After showers, delegation time, and dinner, Thailand and Greenland had their National Night. Thailand made noodles for dinner. It was incredibly spicy. For activities, Greenland performed a traditional dance, then they let us taste dried whale and fish. Thailand performed a few dances then shared a video. It was a lot of fun. For lullabies, we chose so sing, “Iris”, “Save Tonight”, “We Are the World”, “Wonder Wall”, “Leaving on a Jet Plane”, and “Bonfiara.”

13 July 2009

Sunday July 12th: Family Weekend and Back to Camp!

Delegation of the Day: Thailand

Today was the last day of Family Weekend.
Some kids said that the host family took them for hiking and picnice in the mountains. Some went fishing, kayaking, playing miniture golf, playing games, swimming, going on the cruise to see beautiful Fjords of Norway.
They all the wonderful time with the host families this weekend.
At 1800pm the host family took the kids back to camp and we had activity called Dating Game which we had to make dates with friends and write down names in the paper drawing the picture of the clock. Then we had to find friends whom we made a date at each hour and talk about something like what our dream was, what we did this weekend, who our best friend is, etc.
Today Thai Delegation was the Delegation of the Day, so we helped to clean up and lead the flag time and chose the songs for Lullaby.
Everybody were very happy and had a great weekend.

Friday July 10th: Family Weekend

Delegation of the Day: Thailand
Evening: Egypt
0800 Wake Up
0815 Flag Time
0830 Breakfast
0900 Lost and Found
0930 Shower and Packing
1100 Cleaning
1200 Free Time
1230 Lunch
Sieta and JC`s Shop
1430 Egypt National Night
1530 Snack
1630 Activities...Trust and Fun Games
1800 Host Family Weekend Starts..!

Have a Great Weekend!

We're in the local newspaper!

To see the article go here.

Thursday July 9th: Change

Delegation of the Day: Sweden
National Night: Argetina