19 July 2009

Wednesday July 15th: Open Day

Delegation of the day: Greenland

Today is a day everyone has looking forward to - its Open day, where host families and interested people get chance to visit the camp. Right after breakfast the preparations get started. Children write a little presentation of themselves on a small piece of paper, where they write their name, nationality and about their hobbies and everyone hang them on their bed. There is also time to make greeting card to other villages around the world, and signing cards. Some of the children who have finished early they are making bracelet.

Preparations continue in the afternoon where everyone meets at the courtyard with their national costumes, t-shirts, and costumes, and then trolls and tales village choir practise 3 songs. Before we open the doors there are been taken camp photo and delegation photos.

The open day starts with welcome speech by our camp director Inger Berit, and she give flowers to village committee. After the speech the trolls and tales choir sing to songs, CISV song and Bomfiara.

When it started to rain the show moved to JC shop. The show continued with all delegates one by one give a show for visitors. There were dance, songs and some of them sing they national anthem. After the shows everyone come to dinning hall, where all delegate has their stands. The stands are decorated with posters, flags, and there are brochures and some of them have sweets and snacks from their country, and people get change to look around.

There is pizza to dinner and the day ends with lullaby as usual.

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