03 July 2009

Thursday July 2nd: Sports Day

Delegation of the Day: Finland
National night: USA

Pancakes for breakfast!

Today is Thursday 2nd of July. We started the day with a very nice breakfast that our U.S. delegation offered us! We got pancakes and maple syrup and apple jam! It's USA's national day today. Our first activity was planned by US Delegation. We heard a tale of Johnny Appleseed. He was a good hearted man who loved forest and animals. He never wanted to harm anyone and thought it's important to plant seeds of apple trees all over the county. He had great adventures all over the USA.

We also found puzzle pieces with a country name on them spread all over the court yard. We had to find a person from that country and then co-operate and put the puzzle together. And what else could it be then a huge apple tree with CISV logo.

After the tale and putting the puzzle together we discussed in a small group about the meaning of the tale and how is it related to CISV ideology. There were many great answers like how we want to be friends with everyone and love and protect wilderness and animals and respect others point of view. Also we talked about how CISV members gather together in a village to meet other people from other countries and share the cultures.

Our second activity was about team work. We played football with our ankles tied. It was harder than we thought, but great fun! Sun was shining the whole day and temperature must have been something between 25-30 Celsius. Also we played mouse and cat, but cat had eyes closed and mouse needed to make some sound that cat would know in witch direction to head at.

The dinner was traditional Norwegian food from west coast. We got sheep meat and sausages with potato balls. Also there was turnip casserole. The dinner was great and we enjoyed tasting new flavours.

After the dinner U.S delegation continued the national night with a dance performance. We all participated in two different kind of dances. We were very excited about that and we wanted to dance many times. Then we got bags with scrab books and some traditional American sweets. Also now everyone are wearing nice bracelets and playing with an American football.

All together the day was very successful and fun!

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