06 July 2009

Saturday July 4th: Water Festival Day

Delegation of the Day: Germany

On Saturday, the 4th of July we had our water festival.

The morning started with a wake up of the German delegation. They improvised some melodies on instruments. When the kids went out to put their shoes on, they found a bunch of shoes tied together. The girls shoes were on the boys side and viaverse. It turned out that the prank was done by one of the boys rooms.

After breakfast everyone was very busy in the cleaning groups.

In Activity 1 we played 4 different water games by dividing the kids in smaller groups. On the “Drip..drip…drop” we were allowed to drop a drop, a drop and a cup of water on the other heads.

On another station we had to fish spoons out of water bowls only with our mouth.

We also had to carry water from one bowl to another by using a towel. IM was very good at it and her team won twice. Another station was a name game: we passed water bombs to each other by saying the names.

Afterwards every station ended up in a big waterfight. Those who weren’t wet yet were found and brought to the water pipe. We had a lot of fun!

For lunch we had sandwiches and fish soup. After siesta and the JC shop started Activity 2. We participated in 3 water competition games. We had to carry water in plastic cups with small holes in it from one side to another. Another game was to pull a rope. We also carried the water on top of our heads from one side to another. Either the winner or the loser were happy at the end of the games because everyone got wet again. It was such a hot day!

For snack we had pancakes with very delicious selfmade marmelade and also juice.

After shower time we went clean and dry to eat a special dinner: Lasagne.

Activity 3 was about creating a passport. We signed in with our names, home countries and destination we will go or want to go. To get a picture for our own passport we switched the passports and another person had to find the owner of the passport and draw one part of the head. We began with the eyes, then we switched again while dancing to music. At the end we presented our passport and showed the home countries and destinations of the map.

After flag time we went to the Lullabies room and sang our CISV song, Donna, Country Roads, Leaving on a Jetplane and then it was time to say Good night…the stars were not actually shining bright but it was bedtime. Tomorrow will be another day…

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