21 July 2009

Sunday July 19th: Identity

Delegation of the Day: Finland
National Night: The JCs

Today we had a ”sleep in”. We got to sleep one more hour. Today’s theme was identity.

First activity was about culture and idenity. We had a conversations with pairs and we needed to talk about home, daily schedule, birthday celebrations, food. We learned a lot of our cultures and got new information about different countries. Also we get to know each other even much more. All the habits are part of our identity and after the discussions we talked about differences and new notifications we made.

The weather hasn’t been so good anymore than it was three first weeks. It had been raining a lot but temperature is still comfortable.

After lunch we had a activity called sinking ship. We divided in five groups and all the kids got a personality for example 16 year old girl, doctor, football player, alcoholic etc. Then we imagined a situation that we all are in a sinking ship and we had to decide who can survive in the end. We had interesting conversations about equality and professions and also we talked about age and how it affected on children decision who is going to stay longer in a ship. After the decisions we had an new task. We added a twist in the game. Now that 16 years old girl was pregnant, doctor was a thief, football player was Zinedine Zidane, and alcoholic was working in the Red Cross. Now it was harder to decide who will stay in the end. Most of the groups decided in the end that that 16 year old pregnant girl will survive, because then they can save more than only one person!

In the evening we had JC’s (junior counsellors) national night. JC’s come from 5 different countries; Norway, Italy, Belgium, Costa Rica and the USA. They had organized a lot of funny and hilarious games. They asked for volunteers and children had to eat candy which as attached to a string as fast as they could. Also we had a nice blinking game, that boys winked to girls and then girls needed to change place if they were winked at. In the end we got a lot of candies all over the world, and of course brand new scrap books. J We had great time and a lot of fun!

Every night we sing lullabies and the most favourite song is Leaving On A Jeplane. All the kids sing happily and excited together. Last thing we sing every night is “It’s time to say goodnight. The stars are shining bright. Tomorrow we’ll meet our friends again and we say good night to them. There goes the friends from Italy, Germany, Brazil…we’ll allways say Buena notte, Gute nacht, Boe Noate to them and tomorrow we’ll meet again….

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