21 July 2009

Saturday July 18th: Shopping Day

Delegation of the Day: France

We woke up everybody at 7:45 with Hugo playing the guitar in every room.

We went out of the camp at 9:00 to the “Hordamuseet” (Hordaland folkloric museum.) On the way there was a lot of singing (in the microphone) in the bus and the trip was very hard because the road goes up and down all the time.

When we were in museum we baked Viking bread (which we ate with jam), threw spears, spinned wool and shot with bow and arrow. It was very funny to shot bow and arrow but it was very hard to pull and aim at the same time. We learned a lot about the way the Vikings lived so many times ago.

It started raining raining and we went inside to eat lunch (sandwiches).

Then we drove to Bergen, to the city center and met our lovely camp director who recomanded us to visit the fish market near the harbour. We split of in delegations and everybody went shopping. Our delegation bought souvenirs, clothes and a little snack with ice cream. The city of Bergen is a little city but there was a lot of shop and a lot of people shopping because it was Saturday. In the harbour we could see the sea and a lot of big ships coming in and out. It was a lovely place with very cute houses painted in many different colors.

It was very funny when we met some kids from the CISV village of Bergen, we recognized them because they had CISV t-shirts!

Then we meet again to take the bus home. There was again a lot of singing in the car and some other people just tried to sleep.

The evening we had a greeaaat PARTY. There was some pop corn and juice for everybody. At the very beginning of the party some people went to try sauna and they really liked it.

Everybody danced a lot and when the last song came, it was very difficult to leave and go to sleep.

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