05 July 2009

Friday July 3rd: Green Ecologology Day

Delegation of the day: France

Today our theme was environment and ecology. We started the day by working in groups. We were supposed to talk about today’s environmental issues in the world. We had very many ideas like oil catastrophes; polluted water, global warming, and we shared all
the ideas that came into our minds. After discussing all the issues, we needed to draw a bird who can survive in a world without any clear water and no trees at all. All the drawings were great and very interesting with all the filters and pipes that help the bird to breathe polluted air and drink salty water. We had a very interesting and teaching experience while talking about the global ecological issues.

After lunch we were divided in three groups. This activity was about diversity and languages. Each group collected something like flowers or leafs and then all of us needed to say it in our own language. We learned different languages for example the flower is in Swedish blomma and in Arabic it’s wardah. We had a big white sheet and a hand at both sides. Then they had to guess whose hand comes from another side to their own side by touching and talking together to make a decision.

In the evening we had a challenge. Group needed to get the water from the aliens who don’t speak any language we know. If the group gets the water they will survive, other groups will then die. We were discussing in a group what to do and how to communicate. Aliens’s language was very different and based on body language. All the groups figured out the way to get the water and then the next task was to discuss if we want to share the resolution of how to get the water with the other groups. All the groups survived from the end. And we all get to live.

Now we all are aware of world’s ecological issues and we know some ways to help the environment.

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