24 July 2009

Wednesday July 22nd: Packing Day

Delegation of the Day: Germany

Today was our last day at camp. The main activities were packing and cleaning.

The first thing we couldn’t find were our shoes. Someone made a prank on everybody and hide the shoes in a tree.

We started our day with a very good and long breakfast with eggs and oat porridge. Activity 1 was packing and a game. Even though it seemed to be more or less chaos somehow we managed to pack our stuff in the suitcases and even closed the suitcases. The game we played right before lunch was called Stratego. We had to catch people and compare their status and try to find the flag among the players. The boys won.

After sandwiches for lunch we spent our free time packing all the rest. Activity 2 was cleaning after packing and planting a tree like it is described in the CISV-song. We also made some wishnotes for the future and put them at the roots of the tree. It was a nice and quiet moment and we also sang the CISV-song.

Boys also offered free hugs in the courtyard.

After delegation time we had a great dinner: pizza and a fairy tale soda. The JCs made a show by showing all the stuff from the lost-and-found-box[es]. Yes, there were like 5 boxes. Still we have a lot of socks left. Feel free to take them – but wash them before using.

In Activity 3 we gathered in the JC-shop for a goodbye-night. Everyone lighted a candle and shared his/her experiences and feelings with the others about the time in the camp.

Afterwards we got memory books and we all signed them for the others. Those who were not occupied with the big stream of memory books wrote small message-papers to others in the circle.

Then many of us went to bed in the Lullabies room and had a big sleepover.

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