13 July 2009

Wednesday July 8th: Fantasy Island Day

Delegation of the Day: Spain
National Night: Brazil

    Today is Mariana ’s birthday, leader of Brazil. It’s also the brazilian National Night. Two big events for one delegation.

    At 7:30 Miri and Maru the two Argentinean girls, helped by the delegation of the day prepared a surprise for Mariana and her delegation: we moved and ordered the tables of the dinning room into a C except one table, where the Brazilian delegation had the honour to sit in the middle of the tribune, like a president facing his counsellors.

    8:15 Flag time: no rain but who knows?

    8:30 Breakfast: “Happy birthday to you

    Happy birthday to you

    Happy birthday to you Mariana

    Happy birthday to you!!! “

    “Kittos rubasta

    Se nar makasta…”

    9:00 Cleaning Time. The kids love it!!! You really can have fun with cleaning in this camp!

    10:00 One day Game: “Fantasy Island”

    We were asked to create the country we would like to live in. We had to present a drawing of the map and the resources of the land and also a flag, a national anthem and a dance. We had to discuss of the priorities of the land like healthcare, environment, military force, criminality etc.

    The presentation took place inside during activity 2 in the afternoon.

    We had a lot of fun and interesting countries called Candy Land, Chocolate Land, Fruits Land, Sport-ugal, Yeara Land, Party Land where there’s no day, only night and where the moon is a disco ball !!!

    For snack we had delicious “pao de queijo” (Brazilian cheese bread) and “guarana” (Brazilian Soda).

    We also had “brigadeiros” with the cake like in the Brazilian parties and “sonho de valsa” (valse dreams). We thank the Brazilian delegation for all his chocolated wonders!!!

    After dinner the Brazilian delegation showed us photos of Brazil while Raphael played Brazilian music with the guitar. We all were pleasantly surprised to hear such a beautiful performance from an 11 years old child. The music really permitted us to travel in an other world.

    Then all the Brazilian delegation together song the Brazilian tale of Saci Perere. Saci Perere is one Child, small, he uses one red hat, he smokes a pipe. He doesn’t use clothes and he has just one leg. To get the Saci Perere you need throw one peer and after you pick him, put in a bottle with one stopper on it so that he doesn’t escape.

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