19 July 2009

Tuesday July 14th: Borders

Delegation of the Day: The Junior Councelors
National Night: France

Tuesday was finally the Jc’s turn to be delegation of the day!! We woke up really early in order to be wide awake and full of energy when we woke up the kids. After setting up the dinning hall we gathered next to the girl’s dormitory and woke everyone up to a loud energetic tune that got everyone out of bed in no time. Flag time began and so did the rain, so we raised the flag under a typical Norwegian weather. Breakfast went smoothly and we later gathered up in the courtyard to get the instructions for the next activity.
The activity was called ‘Borders’ and the kids where divided into four different countries: Flag poland, Volleystan, Monnaiessia and Gresset. The dynamics of the game consisted of each country searching for equilibrium of resources amongst their citizens. They needed enough food, money, health services, oil and jobs for all of them as the activity would elaborate throughout the day. They where each assigned Ambassadors, types of government, border control and social classes so each member had a role in their community. While some democracies became dictatorships and anarchies became democracies the kids discussed what was best either for themselves or for their countries. The activity continued through out lunch which meant that they would sit by countries and get to eat according to their performance in the game.
The second activity was a continuation of ‘Borders’ where they were all given the challenge of a World War (Capture the Flag) and had to survive according to their health cards. Even though the morning was cold and rainy, we all had to take our rain jackets out and ‘run to survive’ under a hot sunny afternoon. The game ended after one of the countries managed to capture the other country’s flag and we gathered up in delegations for a debrief about what had happened and what each person felt as the game developed. Some of the questions consisted of the children expressing what they thought was the best aspect of how they developed as a group or as individuals.
The war was over and we all became ‘one nation’ again. Snack was ready and after sweet bread and a fruit we prepared for a needed shower. Delegation time continued and we were informed about the dynamics of the next day would be since it would consist of a different schedule as we would welcome Voss into our village in our Open Day.
For dinner we had meat balls with gravy, vegetables and potatoes, that as we where told, is a typical Norwegian meal. We also had Rabarbra with vanilla sauce which is a dessert made from the roots of a plant and boiled into a delicious sweet meal.
The food was continued by the French National Night! We all gathered in the JC house to enjoy the performance of the French delegation narrate some of their fairy tale characters such as Cinderella and The Little Red Riding Hood. This creative and funny performance was continued by candies and caramel which we all enjoyed as well as their booklets and a game of ‘Bang’ which was a perfect wrap up to a day full of fun and exciting activities!
Another circled was created around the flag pole and we all got together for flag time. For lullabies we all gathered and enjoyed singing together as another great day at camp came to an end! Hipotatapus from JC Land!!

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