02 July 2009

Tuesday June 30th: Super Hero Day

Delegation of the Day: Brazil

We woke up everybody in two diferents ways, the boys, Pedro and Rapha did a really giant and lower scream
that woke up all the boys in one time, Marcela and Bel put a music a lower music from our country that we call “Extravassa”, it’s really good and energized music.

Then We just met “Saci Perere” who was the troll of the day also, he was waiting for us in the dinner room, and that’s a picture of him:

In the first activity we played Ninjas game, Street and Avenues and the most fun: the fax machine, we had a great time and we laugh a lot with the final drawings.

Then we organized the diner room for the lunch with the plate mats, helped with the dishes and cleaned the tables after lunch, and for us we did a good job.

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