13 July 2009

Sunday July 12th: Family Weekend and Back to Camp!

Delegation of the Day: Thailand

Today was the last day of Family Weekend.
Some kids said that the host family took them for hiking and picnice in the mountains. Some went fishing, kayaking, playing miniture golf, playing games, swimming, going on the cruise to see beautiful Fjords of Norway.
They all the wonderful time with the host families this weekend.
At 1800pm the host family took the kids back to camp and we had activity called Dating Game which we had to make dates with friends and write down names in the paper drawing the picture of the clock. Then we had to find friends whom we made a date at each hour and talk about something like what our dream was, what we did this weekend, who our best friend is, etc.
Today Thai Delegation was the Delegation of the Day, so we helped to clean up and lead the flag time and chose the songs for Lullaby.
Everybody were very happy and had a great weekend.

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