06 July 2009

Sunday July 5th: Family Day

Delegation of the Day: Greenland

The day today is Mohammed’s birthday – the leader of Egyptian delegation, and it’s Greenlandic delegation’s time to have “delegation of the day”, and since its Sunday everyone get chance to sleep one more hour than usual.

Today’s theme is “Family”, and at the activity 1 children is introduced to an “egg game”, in this game children is randomly divided into couples and some singles, and all the couples and singles get an egg. The children should image that their egg is their “child”, and they are going to take care of their “child” until the following evening. All the kids decorate the eggs and give them names, and they are very creative.

In the afternoon there was activity 2. The activity 2 was divided into 2 parts. In the first part of activity 2 all the pair and singles sit together and draw a “perfect family day”. The children can choose to draw how is perfect day family is or draw their egg and their partners if they have. You can see in children that they are very enjoying it, and they are talking about their family. In the last parts of the activity 2 Norwegian delegates showing us what the children in Norway do in their national day. They make 8 groups of 7-8 persons and all the group were competing in different games.

After dinner the Norwegian delegates continue with their national night begins with parade from dinning hall to “JC shop” (another building in the area). At the “JC shop” the Norwegian delegates show us a play, and teach us some Norwegian phrases.

The day ends with flag time followed by lullaby.

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