23 July 2009

Tuesday July 22nd: Peace

Delegation of the day: Argentina

We woke up everybody and had flag time. After Breakfast we had cleaning groups.
Today’s topic was peace, so during activity 1 we had to go to the JC shop where there were candles, music and a peaceful atmosphere.

We had a round of massages and after that, we played to peace war peace. We had to draw what we understand about peace and then pass our drawing to the person in our right.
Then, that person had to destroy it and pass it to the person sitting next to them and try to make peace again.
After this activity we had free time. During lunch time we had soup.
Today the JC shop opened their doors for the last day. We could buy some t-shirts from cisv

During activity 2, we reflected about the first activity and about rebuilding peace.
We also made energisers and watched some videos such as free hugs and the sunscreen speech.

During snack time we had different kind of cakes and juice. Then, we had girls shower time and after, boys shower time while the leaders had leaders meeting.

In the evening we had the talent show!! Lots of us performed and we could appreciate different talents during the night. We really enjoyed this activity.

Then we had flag time, lullabies and we went to sleep.

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