08 July 2009

Monday July 6th: Excursion Day!

Delegation of the Day: Italy

At 8 o’clock the Italian delegation put some music (of course Italian music) to happily wake up the whole village!
Today’s Activity: Excursion to Gudvangen og Myrkdalen! Just after breakfast two buses were waiting for us to take us in a great location not so far away from our village. Everybody was dressed with the new fabulous Trolls & Tales T-Shirt!! At first we stopped to a hotel from whom terrace we could dominate the whole Stalheim valley, and then after taking some great pictures we prosecute our march stopping for a second time to visit some caves in Gudvangen, where we could listen “the voices of the mountain” in a very suggestive atmosphere. After that, passing through a valley surrounded by waterfalls, we finally got to the beginning of the Sognefjord. Once again, Norway, amazed us with its weird and spectacular nature. Here, after taking some pictures, we had lunch in a restaurant. The lunch was great, and we could transmit the CISV atmosphere to all the others tourists/customers present there with our happiness and singing the “Kiitos”. In the afternoon our trip back to Voss begun, but before getting to Voss, we stopped in a ski area (unfortunately without snow) were we could play some games and have our afternoon snack! It was very special, the people there prepared for us some “focaccia bread” and waffles with berry’s jam J. After this we could finally return to Voss, but the staff, reserved for us an other surprise: just a few kilometers before Voss, we stopped to see one of the most beautiful waterfall of all Norway, called. So, at 17.30 we finally arrived to our beloved Bomoen: leaders meeting for the leaders & shower time for kids & JCs!!!! After dinner, activity nr 3! Everybody in the JC shop area! Divided by delegations first and by group after, we could discuss about our egg’s experience begun yesterday and it was very interesting how we could reflect and make considerations about the importance of the family trying by ourselves simulating a family. After that flag time & lullabies and then everybody in the bed, waiting for the following camp day…

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