20 July 2009

Friday July 17th: Handicap Day

Delegation of the Day: Egypt
National Night: Italy

The morning began a bouga song to wake up the camp, after flag time we had breakfast with the special treat of eggs. Sunny side up, fried, omelettes with cheese, and everything was delicious. But it was a challenge to enjoy them because this was the disability day. We attempted to eat holding the little finger of the person next to us. It was difficult but a lot of fun. After breakfast, was cleaning groups and then the first activity. Everyone received a disability card; from conjoined twins and paraplegics to diabetes and people missing fingers. After a few minutes with the more challenging disabilities, emotions quickly ran high. Then was crying and complaining all around as the kids realized that disabilities are not fun. Lunch was fish soup with Italian bread, eating among furtive glances as kids cheated with their disabilities, quickly sneaking themselves a hand to spread some butter. The bread was actually delicious. In activity two we played a game called step forward which they asked questions if the answer was yes, you take a step forward. If the answer is no, you stay where you are. The questions were about life with disabilities. For example, did you enjoy going to the movies? The blind people would say no. can you live alone? It was hard for the kids but they got the message that we are al humans and always help the people in need. Dinner was amazing for all the camp because we ate pastaaaaa. There were three kinds of pasta, pesto, tomato, and white; the three colours of the Italian flag. Everyone was jumping up and down and the whole camp enjoyed the food. Following the dinner it was activity three and since it was the Italian national day, the Italians performed a tale. The tale was Pinocchio. Then we had flag time, lullabies and then we all went to bed.

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