20 July 2009

Thursday July 16th: Conflict Resolution Day

Delegation of the Day: Brazil
National Night: Finland and Germany

July, 16th was Brazil again the delegation of the day. And now we will tell a little bit what we did this day and how that was good.

On the activity one we did some discussions, in 6 bases and in each one they had a theatre about some conflict and we discussed about how to solve and what we think about the problems, the conflicts was about: Bulling, relationship \ friendship, drugs, steeling, exclusions and prejudice.

For activity two we had the same team “Conflict and resolutions”, then we passed for five stations and the walk on a rope between two trees, another one we get blind looking for a way and walk between a lot of trees holding a rope too and someone was helping another person telling be careful, or right \ left, another with holes like a spider web and we have to pass in without touch and in different holes, played a game with the sheep, wolfs and lettuce and we had to put all then inside the house, BUT the wolfs eat the sheep and sheep eats the lettuce. The last one we turned one map with 4 people on the map. Everything was really cool and funny.

In the Snack time we ate chocolate cake and the Germany delegation did for us jelly it was really good.

We had the Germany and Finland National Night, that is the part that we like most, is the best in the village. Today the Finland did a competition game with some questions, and had prices but the Italian and Norway delegation who won, they also showed us a dance and tolled a history about a troll, gave some candies for us and the Germany did a theatre about a fairy tale and Johanne played a flute, was really beautiful, then they gave us chocolate and candies. The scrap book was amazing. They also showed us a really good slide show with songs, everybody danced with them.

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