10 July 2009

Tuesday July 7th: Circus Day

Delegation of the Day: Norway
National night: Spain

The Norwegian delegation, being the delegation of the day, woke everybody up to the tones of Norwegian classics such as ”Forelska i læreren”, ”Det går likar no”, og ”Se torsken”. Then we had flagtime as usual before we went to breakfast. For the first time in camp, we had oatmeal for breakfast, which was very popular.
Tuesday was Spain’s National Day, and the delegation had cleverly chosen the same date as the San Fermin festival, when the famous bull race in Pamplona begins. The first activity of the day was therefore a simulation of this race, where the Spanish delegation wore bull masks and ran after all the others. If you got caught, you became a bull yourself.
Then we played Intergalactic Samurai, which is a concentration game where you send a sound and movement to someone else. If you make the wrong sound, you have to sit in the middle and you’re out of the game.
Then we played an animal game, since the theme of the day was Circus. Everybody walked around to music, exchanging pieces of paper with the name of an animal on it. When the music stopped, you had to make the sounds and movements as that animal, and find the other person with the same animal. Last couple to pair up was out.
The next activity was to write a poem about dreams. We brainstormed, altogether, what dreams mean to us, and then everyone wrote a poem using five connotations. It turned out that we have several aspiring poets among our group, and from now on one child will volunteer to read his or her poem before each meal.
For lunch the Spanish delegation had brought and made everyone tortillas, Serrano ham, gazpacho and nougat, all of which was excellent. The Spanish delegation showed us how to combine the different dishes and everyone seemed to really enjoy the food.
After lunch, the next activity was to create a circus performance, in accordance with the theme. We were divided into groups, and each group were given a different performance category. We had mimes, acrobats, clowns, magicians and trained animals. After spending some time practicing our routines, we had a circus show with everybody, and what a show! The range and quality of performance was remarkable, and everyone played a part in this once-in-a-camp-time show. The acrobatic troupe was particularly impressive, and after dinner they won the Villagers’ Choice Award (the most glorious award there is), the prize being a Kinder Maxi chocolate for each of the troupe members.
After dinner it was time for the Spanish National Night, and we all headed to the JC shop where the Spanish delegation: Claudia, Carmen, Jordi, Nico and Remi performed several Spanish dances and taught us how to do them. Their costumes were amazing, and we were exceedingly impressed by both their talent and their thorough preparation for this night.
After the dancing, we simulated another Spanish tradition, giving away paper flowers. All the boys got a paper rose, and formed a circle around the girls. Then we played music, and when it stopped, the boys gave their flower to the nearest girl.
It was a busy day, full of impressions and creative statements, and we hope we will get more opportunities to be creative in the days to come!

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