03 July 2009

Wednesday July 1st: Excursion Day!

Delegation of the Day: Egypt

Today was a very special day for my delegation because not only that the kids got to be in charge of some stuff in the camp, but also we went to an excursion. We started the day by waking up early than the rest of camp to prepare breakfast and wake everyone up. We woke the girls first by putting on some Amr Diab songs (an Egyptian pop star), but then the boys in my delegation wanted to wake up the guys with really loud music and just scream through the hole ways, so they did that. After that, it was time for flag time and do the CISV song. Then it was time for breakfast, were we already prepared earlier. We finished breakfast and head to the cleaning groups and we finished the cleaning groups in a hurry because we had to get ready for the excursion which was hiking in the famous Norwegian mountains. Along the way I sang the Egyptian national anthem. Moreover, we took the cable car (Dinglo and Danglo) to go up the mountain but not all the way and there were a dinner with an amazing view, were we had lunch. After finishing lunch we did Kitos in the open air. Then our hiking trip began. We stopped twice before going to the Red Cross cabin. The 1st stop was to rest for 10minuts as we, and by we I mean I was very tired. We stopped again on the top of the mountain so we can see the astounding view of the mountains around us. Finally we reached the Red Cross cabin, were we met the nicest people I have ever seen. They do volunteer word for the Red Cross by selling waffles and they have incredible ones. A few of us went fishing and the others went for a swim. The people who went fishing unfortunately did not get any fish. Concerning my delegation, it was the 1st time to experience swimming and fishing on a mountain. After several hours we took another root to go home and on our way we saw snow. THAT was the 1st time for all my kids to touch snow and slide on it. It was an experience that they would never forget. After 20mins or so, we continued our root to the bus and went back to the camp. We went strait for dinner and then the kids went for a shower and it was free time for the leaders. Later then, we said goodnight to all the other delegations and the kitchen staff at the flag time. Following that we went to the lullaby room to sing. Each one in my delegation choose a song and then we said goodnight to all the delegations and then we went to bed.

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