23 July 2009

Monday July 20th: JC Day

Delegation of the day: Italy
National Evening: Sweden

A new day is beginning in the Trolls & Tales Village!
At 8 o’clock the Italian delegation woke up the whole village: since the music player is broken, instead of music they made a weird concert using spoons & pan’s covers!
Today is Swedish day & JC day!!
After flag time, breakfast , and the kids’ beloved cleaning groups, we begun with the first activity in the dining hall! A great game planned by the jc: guys vs girls were each team had to work together.
After this game, at 11 o’clock, the Swedish delegation invited us to their national day in the jc shop! We played a Swedish game and we listened some music: everybody was amazed when we realize that the beautiful voice who was singing, was actually Oda’s voice, one of the Swedish delegates with a great singing skill that nobody’s before knew
After that, Swedish lunch in the dining hall with sausages. Potatoes and salads.
In the afternoon, after siesta time, activity nr2: jcs organized a great game to make us reflect about drugs were children were acting as drug addicted, leaders as policeman and jcs as drug retailer. It was a lot of fun for everybody and after the game, split in delegations first and all together after, we did a very good debriefing to explain the problems and the danger connected to drugs and to their abuse.
After showers, great gala dinner for everybody: the dinning hall had got transformed as a fancy restaurants with candlelights and soft music. Everybody was wearing fancy clothes, children were sitting at the tables as special guest and leaders and JCs were acting as waiters!! It was an amazing atmosphere and for dinner we had a great (as Soren would say) Barbecue!!
After dinner the kids continued their gala night in the JC’s shop for a dance meanwhile leader and JCs transformed the dining hall in a casino!
The casino night begun!!
In our CISV casino the kids could play poker, black jack, roulette, wrestling arms (challenging Soren and Massimo), query a famous fortune teller (Mohammed), send messages through a Cupido’s service (Siri) and even “getting married” in a special chapel (directedi by Alfo) or get best friend certificates! Nevertheless, our super casino had also a dancing area.
It was a very long night and the kids spent a great time until eleven o’clock!!
It was late that night, so everybody straight in bed without lullabies J J .
An other day is gone in our village!
What will happen tomorrow??

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